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Cutting Edge Technology

iTero Element Flex

From crowns and bridges to veneers and onlays, we value visualization in restorative dental treatment in order to provide the most transparent oral healthcare planning and treatment for you. The iTero scanner allows a streamlined workflow and treatment presentation, to minimize information disparities between you and our providers. You are able to see exactly where and why the restoration needs to be performed, and make the most educated decision regarding your treatment plans.   

3D Prosthetic Milling

​CEREC CAD/CAM is one of the most revolutionary systems in modern dentistry, bringing the dental lab to the dental office. With CEREC, patients can receive a custom milled permanent crown in less than 2 hours. CEREC omnicam takes digital scans rather than traditional impressions, and send a custom designed crown straight to our in house printer for milling. This reduces multi-visit crown
procedures into a single appointment.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

Our Sirona Galileos XG 3D is the most advanced 3D imaging system in dentistry. With a single exposure, we can see the entire anatomy of the jaw including both bone and soft tissue in 3D form. These images can then be used to model everything from nerve mapping, to implant placements, to orthodontic realignment. There is no extra time spent visiting a separate imaging center and waiting for large scale image data transfers.

Full Digitization

With our online patient portal, you can review your visit history, book appointments, set reminder and communication preferences, make payments, refer friends, and more! Organize your dental needs on your own time online, anytime.

Intra-Oral Cameras

​We utilize fiber optic cameras to take high resolution images and video of the oral cavity to help patients visually understand their dental health. Detailed photos of problem areas can help patients take better care of their teeth and gums, while before and after photos of restorations are gratifying to both our patients and doctors.

24 Hour Concierge

You can call us anytime, literally! If you have a dental emergency, we want to help. Send us an anonymous text message to (510)-701-2520 and we will provide a free consult and advice. We can help you book an appointment any time of day, online or by phone.

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