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Educational Services

Lake Merritt Dental is committed to education as an integral part of the preventive care process. Our doctors, staff, and interns welcome opportunities to support schools and community groups in their efforts to promote oral hygiene instruction. We also offer American Red Cross CPR/AED, First Aid, Title 22, Emergency Medical Response, and Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Professionals and community members alike through our training division, Ready Set Care.

Continuing Education for Healthcare and Public Safety Professionals

Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Healthcare assistants, Fire, EMTs… Everyone has continuing education certifications that need to be maintained throughout their healthcare and public safety career. Let Ready Set Care be the one to take care of your training needs. Email to discuss your certification needs.

Oral Hygiene Instruction for School and Community

If you think you’re brushing correctly by sawing at your teeth with overused hard bristle brushes, think again! Let us bring Oral Hygiene Instruction to your school, church group, elderly home, and any and all other community or business groups. We customize presentations to fit your needs, and offer free screenings and dental care recommendations to participants. Email us at for a presentation request.

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