The dental services provided at Lake Merritt Dental cover all the bases, from showing you good hygiene techniques and recommending the best products to use, to restoring and transforming your smile to make it attractive and functional. Let us show you how quality dental care can vastly enhance your health and well-being.

Prevention & Maintenance

Tooth being brushed

Preventive dentistry is rooted in oral hygiene instruction. It includes routine checkups and cleanings (at least two a year!) and diagnostic x-rays. Many serious ailments–including diabetes and liver failure–can manifest in oral cavities. So routine exams are useful not only to keep pesky plaque at bay, but as a crucial part of your overall care. Developing issues can also be caught and addressed before worse problems develop.

Restorative & Specialty Care

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Dental restorations cover everything from cavity fillings, root canals and crowns, to replacements with prosthetics or implants. Restoring your teeth to their former glory requires extensive planning to address the form and function of the teeth, and most importantly, your health. Our well-rounded team of specialists perform restorative work in all areas, including endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, extractions, and implantology.

Cosmetic Dentistry

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We understand that your smile is an extension of yourself, and we want you to look your best! If your teeth are healthy but could use a tune-up, we offer many enhancements including filling and crown replacements, misalignment adjustments, veneer placement, and teeth whitening. We also carry a line of doctor-recommended products to help you sustain your new smile. Check out our product list here, or simply ask about them at your next visit.

Teeth Whitening

Glistening Tooth

Teeth whitening for people whose otherwise healthy teeth have become yellowed or stained has become increasingly popular in recent years. Based on a personalized consultation, we can provide a number of options for a whiter smile. We recommend a cleaning appointment prior to whitening.

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Dental Emergency

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Education in the ABCs of oral hygiene is the foundation for a life of dental well-being. As a result, we welcome opportunities to equip the community with preventive care tools. We also offer training in CPR, First Aid, and emergency response, and continuing education options for professionals.

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