Severe pain in a tooth is considered a dental emergency, and should be examined by a dentist as soon as possible. First, try texting us (510)701-2520. Give us a call at (510)834-4321, and we will make every effort to schedule you for a same day appointment. Due to our tight scheduling, we may have to postpone your appointment to the last available slot, or may be pushed to the next day. During your appointment, a diagnostic exam and localized X-rays may be necessary.

In order to address the problems with dental coverage, we have started our own in house dental membership plan! For a low monthly membership fee, all of your preventive care needs are covered. Learn more.

We are a PPO and pay per service office, and do not accept Denti-Cal or HMO plans at this time.

Yes! Please make an appointment by emailing us at [email protected], or by calling (510)834-4321. Carrier pigeons are not always accurately received. Walk-ins and emergencies may be seen on a case by case basis, however, we strive for efficiency in our scheduling and may not always be able to make same day appointments.

All new patient appointments (excluding emergencies) will take approximately 1 hour, and will include a thorough dental exam, x-rays, and hygiene care and further instruction.

We understand that dental appointments can be intimidating, but we feel that sedation by nitrous oxide and oxygen do not help patients confront this fear in a positive manner, and thusly do not offer this therapy at our office. Our doctors and staff are great at helping patients relax and address their dental needs with the least amount of unnecessary medication, and can offer many holistic approaches to dealing with anxiety.

We have a staff of 3 general dentists, 1 hygienist, and a specialty team comprised of a prosthodontist, endodontist, orthodontist, and oral surgeon. Between our 7 doctors, we are able to take on the vast majority of cases. In rare situations, a dental emergency may require resources not readily available at our office. These cases may still be referred to our local trusted colleagues.

An appointment reserved for you guarantees that your doctor, assistants, and front office support staff will all be available to attend to your needs. In order to sustain these resources and adjust our schedules accordingly, we require that requests for rescheduled appointments take place at least 2 business day in advance. Failure to do so may incur a cancellation charge of $75.

Yes! We can certainly accept X-rays from a prior dental visit with another doctor, provided that they were taken within the last 6 months. Digital files are preferred, and can be sent to [email protected]. X-rays are critical diagnostic tools, and are necessary as a part of your comprehensive dental exam. X-rays older than 6 months may not accurately reflect your current state of oral health, and may misguide the doctor from proper diagnoses of potential problems.